"Knowing is NOT Enough, We Must APPLY.
Willing Is NOT Enough, We Must DO"- Bruce Lee

- Groups of 6-8 people (men/women), allows for that little bit more attention & coaching

-We use kettlebells & callisthenics to achieve our results

- Each person receives an 'individually' tailored program designed towards their own specific goals

- ALL LEVELS are welcome, from complete beginners to advanced

- You have a choice of 2 weekly evening sessions for a total of 4 weeks (8 monthly sessions)

Ladies Only

- Women Only Groups of 8+ participants

- Get Stronger & Fitter with short training sessions

- Time Efficient 30min Class for those with busy schedules in the morning

- Beginner-Intermediate Levels; Join In Any Time

- Train Mon, Wed, Fri @10am-10:30am (12 monthly sessions)


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