"Knowing is NOT Enough, We Must APPLY.
Willing Is NOT Enough, We Must DO"- Bruce Lee

- Groups of 6-8 people (men/women), allows for that little bit more attention & coaching

-We use kettlebells & callisthenics to achieve our results

- Each person receives an 'individually' tailored program designed towards their own specific goals

- ALL LEVELS are welcome, from complete beginners to advanced

- Time: Mon & Thur @8:30pm-9:30pm

Join In Any Time





*** €100 ***

(8 Total Classes)



*** €70 ***

(4 Total Classes)


Location: Eire Og, GAA Club, Greystones, Co. Wicklow

Ladies Only

- Women Only Groups of 10+ participants

- Get Stronger & Fitter with short training sessions

- Time Efficient 30min Class for those with busy schedules in the morning

- Beginner-Intermediate Levels; Join In Any Time

- Time: Mon, Thur, Fri @7am-7:30am; 7:30am-8am OR 9:30am-10am OR @10am-10:30am

Join In Any Time






*** €80 for 3 Weekly Classes ***

[4 Weeks]

(12 Total Classes)


*** €65 for 2 Weekly Classes ***

[4 Weeks]

(8 Total Classes)

Location: Eire Og, GAA Club, Greystones, Co. Wicklow


Our Philosophy

When the majority of people think of fitness, what comes to mind is how long you can run for. Some think its how much weight you can bench. But being fit is more than that. It is a combination of many different attributes.

At EvolutionFSC, we believe that being strong in a variety of movements, moving freely without restrictions & being able to walk, jog, run or climb all with a healthy functioning heart & lungs are the hallmarks of true fitness. Whether your goal is to lose weight or get stronger these principles never change.

We seek to improve your strength, flexibility, mobility & endurance through simple uncomplicated movements so that your every day activities are performed with ease & that you continue to move freely every year.

Who We Coach

Exercise should be made accessible & simple for all. We are not interested in training athletes, we are inspired by helping the every day person; the busy office worker or equally busy parent who finds it difficult to fit exercise in, the out of shape middle-aged person, the beginner who is absolutely new to exercise or the trainee who is completely overwhelmed by all the conflicting information out there.

These are the people we want to help. We want to show them how strong they are & their limitless potential.


Eire Og GAA Club, 

Greystones, Co. Wicklow



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