Momentum 12 


Look Strong, Feel Strong.

Look Incredible. Feel Incredible.

Are you exhausted of constantly yo-yo dieting & jumping from one exercise regime to another without knowing what works to get unbelievable changes in both your physique and physical performance?


Have you ever admired another person’s physique (maybe a friend who is in great shape, somebody you see in the gym doing amazing things or even a celebrity in some superhero or action movie)?


Have you wondered how they get that type of jaw dropping physique? And think, will I ever achieve results like that?

Do you ever feel anxious about getting ready for a night out or a special occasion? Not feeling 100% confident in how your clothes fit. 

Is shopping for new outfits becoming a stressful event?

My goal is to help you transform your physique and realise your strength potential in 10-12 Weeks. You will be coached every single step of the way to achieve things you never thought possible in such a short period of time.


I’d like you to think of your future physique? Will you be closer to your goal if you keep following the same gym routine you’ve doing for the past 6months-a year? If yes, cool. Keep up the work. You’ll get there.


If however, you think that you will be in the same place 6 months down the line then consider another way…


To get ridiculous results, it takes hard work, time and consistency (that’s a given)…but the truth is, you still need the right plan and programme to get you there. unfortunately, a lot of gyms (whether that’s your local standard gym or crossfit-style gym), just don’t provide. 

You are either left on your own to figure it out for yourself OR you just follow some random workout of the day.


Really, a lot of the current exercise programmes out there provide random workouts, which is another word for lack of direction. The goal of many of these styles of training is to make you drained and fatigue. The assumption is that once ‘you the client’, is lying in a pool of sweat the trainer’s job is done & this is ‘they think’ is how you will achieve the physique you desire. This couldn’t be further from the truth.


What if I told you that you don’t need to do these random, constantly varied workouts that leave you nearly vomiting on the floor, to get results? In fact, they could be hindering your progress.






This is me after a 10 Week round of the Momentum12...after the first two phases my top weight was 91kg, then the final phase got me to 83kg. My physique completely changed.


All major lifts exploded in results. For example, my bench went from 50kg to 100kg for multiple reps. My military press went from 40kg to 80kg.  This is just a snippet of the transformation. Forgive the poor lighting 😁

Are you frustrated with all the fads and new exercise crazes? There are so many diets to choose from. Paleo, Zone, Weight Watchers, Slimming World, Keto. What’s the right one?


Can I tell you a secret? I'm pretty confident that 90% of the popular 'diet books' are not worth the paper that they are printed on.


The right diet or nutrition plan is the one that you can stick to and improves your day to day life without demonising certain food groups and macronutrients. (Unlike most of the ones I mentioned above ☝☝☝). Eating food shouldn’t be that complicated.

With the Momentum12, the nutrition plan is not that confusing. Its a simple plan that you can fit into your life for the 12 weeks AND then continue to follow some of the habits in your daily life after the programme.

Now, let me be honest. Whenever we are aiming to drastically transform our physique and performance there needs to be some some form of restriction and control to get the BEST RESULTS possible in the quickest, most REALISTIC time possible.



You Don't Need to eat certain fat burning foods; they don't exist.



You Don't Need to drink some detox teas or juice cleanse; they don't work.






This is Nicola, Mother of Two, Personal Trainer. Decided to follow the 10 Week version of the Momentum12 after focusing on her own clients she decided to work on herself. Lost 18 pounds in total.

If you want your physique to look stronger and be stronger, are frankly tired with a lack of planned direction and randomness in your training, and finally want to carry yourself with the confidence you know you have, then click the button below to register your interest to the Momentum 12.

Do you want a physique that ACTUALLY looks Strong & IS Strong?

Public Beta Launch

Momentum12 has been in development for the last few years. Only a select few have used it, as I wanted to refine it before releasing it to the public.


With that it mind, this is the inaugural launch of the Momentum12. lt is open to 12 people in total for its 'Public Beta Launch'.


Because of this, I am offering a Reduced Price to those who sign up for the first wave for the early doors offer of €525 for the 10 Week version of the Momentum 12.


This will be open to 6 Men and 6 Women who want to take control of their strength and fitness to transform their physique and to unveil the abundance of confidence that they have.

Who Is Momentum12 for?

Do Any of the following resonate with you?......

Q: Are you NOT getting the results that you want with your current plan?

Q: Are you confused with what exercise to do to get the BEST results?

Q: Not sure what diet to eat to TRANSFORM your physique?

Q: Frustrated with wasting precious time jumping from the latest fad to the next?

Q: Wasting money on ridiculous shakes, detoxes, cleanses that promise everything but deliver very little…except emptying your wallet? 😢


  •  No more confusion; you will have a definite map to get you results.

  • No more guessing what foods to eat to get you the best results possible.

  • Feel comfortable & confident training; No more fear of the gym.

  • Do you ever hit a roadblock or obstacle when you are following an exercise regime or diet; but then that obstacle completely derails you? By having a Personal Trainer & access to a Private Facebook Group to answer your questions this obstacle will be a thing of the past.

  • FINALLY have a physique that LOOKS Strong & IS Strong. Your confidence will skyrocket when you reach your goal.

  • Ever feel you have no time for yourself. A way to de-stress. Time just for you…no work, no worrying about the bills, etc. Not only will you physically feel stronger, you will improve your mental health AND positively affect your mindset. 

I am looking for 6 Men & 6 Women who…


> Live In or Near Greystones, Wicklow, Ireland; Can Attend the Gym in Greystones 👍

> Are Willing to Train in the Gym 5 times per week (ONE hour per session) 👍

> Are Ready to Follow a Specific Eating Plan 👍

> Can Prepare Meals 👍

> Willing to Perform Extra Cardio When Necessary 👍

> Can train at a Specific Time Monday-Friday for 10 Weeks 👍

> Are Committed to Change & the Challenge even when things get tough 👍

The Momentum 12 includes....

  • 53 Group Personal Training Sessions

  • Nutrition Plan

  • Nutrition Tips & Guidance

  • Coach Guidance & Support

  • Access to Private Facebook Group (a place to share progress, your struggles, questions, recipes, etc.)

  • Group Support

  • 3 Phased Training Approach

  • Assessment/Technique Week

  • Performance Testing

  • Progress Check-Ins

  • Final Day Photo-Shoot

Typically, in a 1-1 Personal Training setting, the price of the total number of training sessions could cost €2,000 alone, but when you include ALL the other perks included in the Momentum12 the price is worth well in excess of € 2,000 +.


The beauty is you get ALL the benefits of 1-1 Personal Training without the higher cost.




…because this is the public ‘Beta Phase’ of the Momentum 12, the price is €525 (€9.90 per session) for the 10 Week version of the programme. 💰💰💰That's a cost of €6.81 per day (a couple of coffees or not far over the cost of a pint). 💰💰💰

You really have nothing to lose, except your current wardrobe. Anyway, you can buy a new wardrobe with the money you’ll save.

A WIN-WIN situation.


So, if you are ready to finally change your physique and how you feel, Click The Link Button Below to Register Your Interest.



Training Sessions x 53


Nutrition Plan


Training Programme


Coach Guidance & Support


Private Facebook Group


Assessment/Technique Week


Final Day Photoshoot




Total Savings


Public Beta Offer



BOOST Your CONFIDENCE with a Strong Toned Body


Here's Felicity, Age: 58. Lost 10lbs & 15.5cm in 8 weeks following many of the same nutrition principles of the Momentum12.

*Limited Time Offer*

This is a limited time offer, after the Public Beta Phase, the price of the Momentum12 transformation will be going up closer to its Real-Value. This current One-Time price is well over 50% Discount.

-Avail of the Deal Now-


"I am confident, that when you JOIN the Momentum 12 and follow the training regime, turn up to all the group Personal Training sessions, put the required effort in along with fuelling your body with the right nutrients, your body will transform for the better.


Your physical strength, fitness and health will surpass all expectations.

The current shape and condition that you are in is not the real you.


You don't have to stay stuck in this rut. Getting the same yo-yo substandard results.

Your confidence will be built through strength.


Your limitless potential is just waiting to be unleashed. Waiting for you to flip the switch."

-Philip Shakespeare, EvolutionFSC

Please Read & Consider

The Momentum12 transformation is a selective process. I want to ensure that those who are interested in the programme are a good fit. Your results are extremely important to me so I want to make sure that you understand what is involved when you sign up to the Momentum12. With this in mind, be aware that the Momentum12 is an application process. Once I receive your application, I will schedule a time for a phone consultation, to chat and answer any queries you may have. This call will give me a greater idea to see if you are ready for the programme. It will also give you the chance to see if I am a good fit for you. The coaching process works both ways. 

{{For Now: I am only developing an 'Interest List'. Once there is enough interest I will send a link to you to fill out an application form. From there, I will schedule a call to chat. If you don't think the Momentum12 is for you, I will endeavour to point you in the right direction to someone who can help you out.😁}}

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Thanks for Showing Interest in the Momentum12. I will keep you updated on when the first wave begins & send you an application form at that time. Philip👍