"Health Can NEVER Be Divorced From STRENGTH"
- George Hackenschmidt

My Story

My interest in physical activity began at a very early age when I was a martial arts student, wado-ryu karate to be exact. During my martial arts training I first coached & trained individuals at the age of 10, many being three times my senior.

After over a decade of martial arts training, I continued my education of physical fitness & health by becoming a qualified Personal Trainer & Sports Therapist in the early 2000's. Through working with a variety of individuals in a number of gyms throughout the country my passion for helping people to achieve results has never changed.

That's enough about me....after all this is about helping YOU.

- Philip S.

My Principles To Get Sustainable Results:

1.      Resistance Train 3-4 times per week; for 30-60min


2. Learn new skills and focus on getting stronger whether that's lifting more weight, performing more reps/sets or trying a  new exercise. Training should be enjoyable and every achievement celebrated.

3.  Eating 'clean' (whatever that means), shouldn't be a life of dieting and depriving yourself. Learn how to eat and enjoy    your food in a controlled sustainable manner.

4. Get outside and enjoy the fresh air as often as you can.

5. Rest and Sleep Well


Eire Og GAA Club, 

Greystones, Co. Wicklow



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