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One Arm Push-Ups

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"Hey, what do you bench?"

"What do you squat?"

These are a couple of the popular gym questions people ask to determine whether someone is strong or fit.

While both of these exercises are fantastic, you rarely hear people say: "Can you do a one arm push-up?"

This is not because its an inferior exercise, far from it. The reason being is that it is a bloody difficult exercise to learn. It takes time, skill and determination.

In my opinion, the One Arm Push-Up is what the max bench is to calisthenics/body weight training.

True strength.

When I was still active in martial arts running my own club, I was fascinated, actually obsessed with Bruce Lee. (I still am, to be honest.)

I admired how he was not only THE ultimate martial artist but had both the physique and physical strength to go with it. 

Bruce Lee was a massive advocate of strength training. He knew that a stronger body could give and take punches with more ease. A stronger person has the potential to deliver a faster punch.

Enter the Bruce Lee's one finger push-up. When I saw this I thought this was a trick, an act. No way could a man hold his whole body with just a finger. 

...but he could. How did he do it? So, I tried to give it a go.

Jump on the into a standard push-up position...removed one hand from the floor...but before I could place a fraction of my weight on one finger...

I collapsed.

I hadn't even managed to hold myself up with one arm let alone my finger tip.

So, I decided that first needed to figure out how to hold my body weight with one arm. Enter the One Arm Push-Up.

No matter what I tried or read at the time I just couldn't get the One Arm Push-Up. Some gurus recommended doing 50-100 push ups and then you'd easily do a one arm push-up. 

Others suggested doing 15+ variations of push-ups. 

After all the articles, blogs and manuals I finally got the One Arm Push-Up!

Unfortunately, I felt let down. Everything I read or implemented was long-winded. Overkill. Nothing really got down to the 'How', everything seemed like a guessing game.

"If you do this, you should.."

"Perform this many push-ups, you should be able to to the one arm push-up..."

Nothing definite. Nothing concrete.

With that, my journey to the one finger push-up took a long holiday never to be attempted again. I had now turned my attention to the One Arm Push-Up. My goal was to find a better, more efficient way to reach the One Arm Push-UP goal.


 After more investigating, reading article after article and going back to my other books, I managed to condense all the useful information down into a simple, effective method for all to reach the OAPU. 

No fluff. No wasted pages. No nonsense.

Introducing my:

'Finally Master One Arm Push-Ups' Manual


- Save Time & Effort

- Learn EXACTLY what to do

- No More Guessing

- No More Testing Out Regimes or Methods

- Perform the One Arm Push-Up Safely

- Build Unreal Strength in the Upper Body

- Build Strong & Stable Shoulders

- Develop a Powerful Core & Trunk

- Feel Powerful & Confident

- Impress Your Gym Buddies...if that's what you're into 😁

By following everything in the 'Finally Master One Arm Push-Up' manual I am confident that your upper body strength will explode and that multiple repetitions will be stupidly easy to do. 

Over the years I have spent hundreds of € on training manuals, books, videos. You will save so much knowing that you have a tried and tested go-to manual to help you achieve your One Arm Push-Up.