A general Four Day Upper/Lower Body gym plan for beginners, those new to the gym or those who have had over 1 year+ break from resistance training. A Plug&Lift program to follow as you start on your gym journey.


Be aware that this is NOT a specific tailored customised program. If you have any injuries/limitations we advise that you get a trained Fitness Professional to devise a plan more specific to you. 


This plan is a simple to follow periodized program to help you get started in the gym.


Please Note: this is a digital product & does NOT include instructional exercise tutorials OR step-by-step exercise guides. We recommend that you hire a Fitness Professional to demonstrate the exercises in the plan for safety. This plan/ebook/manual is in PDF format. All digital products/plans/ebooks/manuals are non-refundable.

Beginner 4 Day Gym Plan