Do you want to build muscle & get strong with a simple effective no-nonsense approach?


Well look no further for one of our Plug & Lift plans...the 'Simply Strong' plan. This is a 4 Day Total body training plan focusing on both strength & hypertrophy. We switch from moderate range reps to lower range reps on alternate days. Each workout takes roughly 45-60min to perform.


The program is written for 4 weeks but can easily be repeated for a few cycles.


An excellent program for those who have completed our 'Beginner 3 Day Gym Plan' or 'Beginner 4 Day Gym Plan'. Also great for those who are bored with the standard Delorme method of 3x10.


Please Note: this 'Plug & Lift' plan is a digital product & does NOT include instructional exercise tutorials OR step-by-step exercise guides. We recommend that you hire a Fitness Professional to demonstrate the exercises in the plan for safety. This plan/ebook/manual is in PDF format. All digital products/plans/ebooks/manuals are non-refundable.

Simply Strong