Moronic Gym Phrases That Need to Be Erased From History

"Go Heavy or Go Home"

"Pain Is Just Weakness Leaving the Body"

"Beast Mode On"

"Strong Is the New Skinny"

"Unless You Puke, Faint or Die. Keep Going"

Search the web and you'll find a never-ending list of these moronic captions and memes that lead you to believe that anyone who trains is desperately seeking to unleash their inner spirit animal.

Phrases like the ones above, impress upon the trainee that they always have to be passed out or vomiting at the end of every gym session to achieve results and respect.

First off, we know that pushing yourself past its limits near the point of collapse is an ineffective and downright dangerous way to train. Results are achieved by actually being able to consistently train. Not by being bed-ridden and pissing blood.

Secondly, if you train to gain adulation from others (whether in the gym or on social media), you are missing the whole point of exercise.

I'm all for motivational words and love a good quote to lend inspiration. But these Neanderthal statements just perpetuate the growing numbers of poor coaching and physical practice.

Find out why YOU want to train. Find YOUR training purpose.

Ignore all the dumb mantras about how hardcore you SHOULD be.

Forget about all the pathetic and infantile bro-lines and tee shirt quotes.

Enjoy your practice.

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