8 Simple, No BS & Effective Fat Loss Rules

Fat loss. You'd think with all the info, websites, blogs and magazines out there we'd have it nailed. Even with all the diets and plethora of gyms popping up obesity levels are higher than ever. The carefree advice of 'move more, eat less' just doesn't seem to be cutting it. So here is what will help get you on the road to burning fat.

Get the coffee ready or grab a beer, turn off the television and take a seat.

This won't take long.

1) Elimination

Focus on this recommendation and you will see a noticeable difference in your physique.

Do you have any of the following:

- Cakes, Sweets, Baked Goods, Breads, Microwave Dinners, Snacks, Fruit Juices, Sodas (Fizzy drinks or minerals for you Irish), Mochafrappabullshits, Crisps, Frozen Dinners, Pizza, Takeaways, Deli Meats, Cereals, Cereal Bars, Oat Bars, Chocolate, Perceived Healthy Snacks, Low Fat Foods.

Get rid of all of these processed foods. Grab a bin and dump away. Do you think its a mortal sin if you throw away food? Then donate it to a local charity. But in all honesty, why would you. If its not healthy for you, its not healthy for anyone else.

Doing this will straight away get you in a calorie deficit (as long as you don't over eat other foods), which is THE most important factor to lose weight.

2) Keep a Record

I can't tell you how many times people under-estimate the number of calories they eat.

'Oh, I can't seem to lose weight. I don't even eat that much.'

Sorry, you do.

One of the issues with high-sugary/high-calorie foods is the lack of satiety or fullness with these products. We tend to link 'amount' to the 'feeling' of fullness and unfortunately high sugary/high calorie foods don't tend to create that feeling of fullness like high-fibre, nutrient dense foods such as vegetables.

The great thing about keeping a food log is that after, it opens your eyes to portion control. It also provides you with bulletproof evidence of when you are scratching your head wondering why you gained weight or didn't lose any.

3) Push Away From the Table (Food Quantity)