Happiness Does Not Come From Six Pack Abs

Deep down we all want to look better with our clothes off.

Whether its hooge arms that you dream of, bigger chest or cannon balls for shoulders we all want to improve our physique.

Its an admirable goal....Nobody should ever be slated for having goals. Most people go through their daily monotonous lifestyle without ever setting one single goal that requires work and effort, that takes them out of their comfort zone. To criticise someone for making a conscious decision to take action and pursue their goal(s) is pretty pathetic.

But before you choose your 'six pack goal' ask yourself why?

What's the deep underlying reason for a six pack?

Is it so you can be more confident with the opposite sex or feel comfortable in your clothes?

Is it to prove something to yourself or to others?

Find out what it is......And dig deeper.

Will six pack abs or bigger guns truly make you happy? Will it fulfil your deepest desires and give you the perfect life? What happens when you achieve it, do you revert back to where you were and lose all the momentum you have achieved?

Sometimes we get lost in the goal and forget to live in the moment. I think everyone is guilty of this, I know I am.

Lets try something new....

Maybe flip things on their head and train for the pure simple joy of the process and journey. Shift our focus to getting stronger or being able to run a 5km. Get out of the gym and train outside. Listen to the sounds around you, feel the cold and the wind on your skin.

Love the process.

Be grateful that you have the ability to challenge your body. That you have the control of your limbs to lift objects above your head. Own the training.

I think if you dig deeper, address your training and practices in this manner you will not only have a stronger reason to exercise but you'll have the added result of a stronger, powerful and leaner physique.

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