Top 50 Fluffy Fun Entertaining Kettlebell Exercises That Will Centre Your Purple Chakras

Hopefully that title got your attention.

First off, you'll find no chakra healing breathing techniques here.

Or will you find any warm fuzzy shaping kettlebell exercises either.

All you will find here is a little rant and some words of warning.

.....and a chuckle, here you go:


If you've ever come across an article, blog post or video with the title 'Top 50+ Best Kettlebell Exercises for (Insert Goal)', then you should burn the experience from your your memory.

Now I don't mind titles like 'Top This for Achieving This Goal' or '9 Best Blah for Looking Blahsome'. I've done a few myself. They break things nicely into, I love a good list.

What I do mind though, is when exercises or methods have clearly been made up to keep things trendy, fresh and 'relevant' in the fitness industry which only end up distracting from the goal. Trainers often use the excuse of 'keeping the body guessing' or to 'confuse the muscle', reasons for creating new acrobatic exercises or choosing random workout programming.

You can't blame trainers that much (well, to a point anyway). They are trying to remain up to date and forward thinking as possible to build a viable business and to retain clients. I get it. The Joe Public have this perception (that they more than likely got from watching too many Richard Simmons videos), that exercise is suppose to be entertaining.

I agree that training should be enjoyable and fun. What's more fun than deadlifting and squatting? But, you as a trainer are not on show. You are not a clown. Your job is to get people results. Without the fluff.

Lets bring it back to the 'Top 50+ Kettlebell Exercises...'

If you count out the number of core kettlebell exercises you'll probably come to about eight. Possibly one or two more. This is what I got:

1) Swing

2) Squat

3) Press

4) Get-Up

5) Clean

6) Snatch

7) Windmill

8) Bent Press

What about the one-arm swing or the clean & press? Yes, these are all perfectly good exercises but really are just other variations or hybrids of the above seven. You could also add two kettlebells to progress the movements, but they still are in essence the same exercise with slightly different nuances.

It is always a baffling wonder how wannabe gurus come up with new modern bullshit kettlebell exercises that look like something from Cirque Du Soleil. I'm all for new exercises that help people get stronger and move more but sometimes its just overkill.

The last thing people need is more exercises that they 'must do', when they haven't even mastered a push-up.

Don't worry about adding hundreds of odd-looking exercises. Stick to the basics. Get stronger. Look after your mobility.

#keepitsimple #kettlebells #nogimmicks #nobullshit #lifestyle

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