Celebrate Every Win

Beginning = End.

Starting Line = Finish Line.

Before Photos = After Photos.

For the outsider, this is what is typically seen.

The middle area, where the tough work lives, is rarely shared. It's not sexy or exciting. The jaw dropping comes from the instant WOW after photo.

Obviously, people don't assume that the road to success is ever easy. But in regards to physical transformation, do people actually know how bloody difficult it is?

- Get up early

- Prepare meals

- Eat eggs for breakfast

- Train for an hour; maybe twice a day

- Strain under the bar for weeks just to get a few extra kilos on your squat

- Cardio (HIIT, Steady State, Active Recovery)

- Stretch. Mobility. Simply to recover and NOT move like a crippled pensioner. All to go and lift again

- Post workout meal

- Not another glass of water. Off to the jacks again...

- Eat yet another meal

- Go to bed early

- Prepare meals for the next few days

- Repeat

To do all this is a massive challenge. You can't be blamed if it gets frustrating when that scales barely moves or the weights on the bar just eek up.

Feeling accomplished is more than that though. Look for wins everywhere.

Tick off your habits:

> Drank X amount of water today. WIN

> Ate 3 balanced meals today. WIN

> Took fish oil today. WIN

> Completed 1 extra rep on the squat. WIN

> Slept for 8 hours. WIN

> Walked 10,000 steps today. WIN.

> Cycled to work today. WIN.

The more wins you celebrate, then the more momentum you build. Success will not be whittled down to just the scales or what your after photo looks like.

Eventually that will come. For now enjoy the middle. Celebrate your small wins, the big ones will happen.

#consistency #lifestyle #journey #habits #exercise

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