Detox? Cleanses? Bullshit, You Are Being Lied To

Detox Juices/Smoothies, Detox Pills & Potions, Cleanses & Detox Diets all sound amazing and gimmicky...but the only thing that these products/services are great at are emptying your wallet and wasting your time....some of them can actually do more harm than good.

Amazingly, we have some very effective organs in our body that are quite brilliant at 'cleansing' our body and removing toxins. These beautiful machines are commonly referred to as the Liver and the Kidneys. They are involved in many important jobs, but removing toxins is one of the most important ones.

Now this doesn't mean that you can eat, drink and freebase all manner of concoctions to your heart's content. Of course you have to follow a healthy eating habits. But drinking lemon-balm-aloe-vera-duckworth-vegetable-elixir is just pointless.

So to save you money and frustration here is the number one detox the pros use (all free of charge. You are welcome):

1) Drink 2-3 litres of water daily

2) Eat 1-2 servings of fruit & vegetables with every meal

3) Avoid/Reduce processed foods, baked goods, confectionery

4) Reduce Alcohol Intake

5) Eat lean protein with every meal

6) Repeat 1-5, and BE CONSISTENT.

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