Recipe: Sri Lankan Curry with Coconut Rice

Curry Ingredients:

> Garlic Cloves, chopped x 3

> Red Chili, chopped x 1

> Coconut Milk x 1 tin

> Tin of Tomatoes x 2

> 4 Chopped Fresh Tomatoes

> Red Onions, diced x 2

> Lemon Grass Stick x 1

> Coriander Seeds x 1 tsp

> Yellow Mustard Seeds x 1 tsp

> Cumin Seeds x 2 tsp

> Fennel Seeds x 1 tsp

> Chili Powder x 1 tsp

> Ground Cumin x 1 tsp

> Garam Masala x 1 tsp

> 1 Cinnamon Stick

> 2-3 Cardamom Pods, crushed

> Chicken fillets, chopped & cooked (put this aside)

Sweat garlic, onions and red chili off in oil. Add all the seed spices. Then add chopped tomatoes.Add rest of the spices. Add tinned tomatoes. Add the coconut milk and then add the chicken back in to warm through. Reduce this by about a quarter.

Coconut Rice Ingredients:

> 2 Lime Leaves

> Dice thumb Fresh Ginger

> Cardamom Pods x 1, crushed

> Garlic x 1 clove chopped

> Cinnamon Stick x 1

> Star anise x 2

> Coconut Milk x 1 tin

> Rice

Put the rice in a baking dish. Add all the spices/garlic/ginger. Then cover with coconut milk. Make sure the rice is covered, if not top it off with milk or water. Put in the oven @180 degrees Celsius, until milk liquid has been absorbed/evaporated. (throughout you want to stir it with a fork). This is a similar way to preparing cous cous.

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