Are You Not Entertained?

Training is supposed to be difficult.

Its a constant practice. A one step back, two steps forward approach.

A struggle. To become stronger, leaner, toned, slimmer, ripped, jacked-whatever. Consistency is key. So with that in mind how do you expect to master a movement when you are constantly changing your workouts?

We see it advertised all over the web:

'No two workouts are the same, so you don't get bored'

'You'll never know what workouts you are going to do. This keeps things fun and causes muscle confusion (uhh, can't believe I just uttered those words)'

Why does everything have to be fun? Don't people get enough instant gratification from the hours of TV they watch, the days they waste playing computer games or the shitty calories they put into their gut.

Can't pushing your body and challenging yourself be enjoyable? Of course it can.

Lifting, running, swimming, climbing. Its going to be hard. It must be hard. And it can be fun and rewarding at the same time.

However, if you are get bored easily from sticking to a program for more than two weeks without TV screens and terrible dance music bouncing away in the background, then maybe you should sit in for the night and watch a marathon of 'Friends'.

Pushing yourself is supposed to be difficult. Forcing the body to change and adapt is not going to happen overnight.

Do you want to be entertained? Go watch a stand-up show.

Do you want results? Then cut out the training fluff, quit acting like you're made of glass and stick to the program. Enjoy the process.

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