Recipe: Proper Beans on Toast (Bread...the Horror!!)

I try not to have the 'all or nothing' approach when it comes to both eating and training.

What you eat is all dependent upon the goal and the time sensitivity of it. Are you getting ready for a special occasion that's happening in 12 weeks well then maybe you should be a bit more diligent with your food selections.

On the other hand, if you are one of those folks who has seen the light and understands that long-term sustainable habits are more conducive to keeping the weight off or looking shredded (vomit in mouth), the odd indulgence is fine as long as you don't completely lose the rag and eat a few babies in the process.

If you are one of the enlightened few, and don't feel like burning me at the stake for eating a slice of bread then try this out.


> 1 Garlic clove, chopped

> 1 Red Onion, diced

> Chorizo, diced

> Thyme Sprigs

> 1 Tin Tomatoes

> 1 Tin Butterbeans

> Bread, soda bread

> Avocado x 1, mashed

Drain the beans and rinse. Sweat off onion, garlic and chorizo. Add tomatoes, simmer and reduce by half. Add thyme, then beans.

Spread avocado on the toasted bread. Then top off with the beans.

Eat. Enjoy. Don't freak out. Just don't eat this every day.

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