Why You Aren't Losing Weight, Part 3: Stop Sabotaging Yourself

Welcome to Part 3 of ‘Why You Aren’t Losing Weight’. If you haven’t read the previous TWO posts, then click the Link (Part1) & Link (Part2).

Does this scenario sound familiar?

Monday to Friday (pre-night out), you are nailing your calorie quota. Protein requirements are on point. You are hitting the gym 3 times per week, the gym staff know your name. Fist bump.

Then comes along the weekend.

Full of beer, beer, beer, peanuts, crisps, gin, more gin, more snacks, Jagermeister and to finish it off with a sexy late-night pizza.

Next day.

You are dying. The worst hangover ever.

You don’t eat for most of the day but can really only stomach Lucozade or 7up. Eventually you get back some sort of an appetite and have a fry or burger. Something quick and easy but full of calories.

You have just sabotaged yourself my friend.

This could be one of the reasons why you are finding it so difficult to shift that weight even after a week of eating lower calories (so you think.)

Does this mean that you need to avoid going out with friends and missing out on the hilarious antics? Nope. No need to be a boring sod.

Here’s what to do:

Option 1) Track Weekend Calories

Honestly track the calories you eat/drink on the weekend. If you go over this then adjust on Monday & Tuesday accordingly. If you find yourself absolutely ‘hangry’ then let this be a lesson not to overdo it on the weekend.

Option 2) Plan Ahead

If you have plans to go out, then reduce the amount you eat the day before. Make a guess-timate of what you COULD eat on the night out. Make the necessary adjustments.

Option 3) Don’t Overdo It on the Booze

Just don’t drink as much. Drink lower calorie beers or shorts. One of the big problems with alcohol is the loosening of our inhibitions. We tend to make poor food choices when we are sauced up. If you know that you are going heavy on the beer on an upcoming night out, then drink more water and aim for those lower calorie beer options.