Practical Office Weight Loss, Part 1

The office environment can be a nightmare of a place when you are trying to lose or maintain weight. There are challenges everywhere you turn. From the employee muffin station to those mid-week after-work drinks. The office environment can really engulf your life and have a massive negative affect on your health.

1) Lack of Daily Movement

Long hours of inactivity and sitting down for hours on end translates into less calories being burned. Not only this but excessive sitting can have some detrimental effects to your back health.

2) Office Saboteurs

Office Saboteurs. They are everywhere.

Its Sally’s birthday so you must have cake (this is the third birthday in the office this week, thanks Sally). David has a secret stash of chocolate treats that he keeps feeding you with (it’s all David’s fault). Janice got yet another promotion (the annoying go-getter she is), so naturally you celebrate with after work drinks. Tim is leaving work on Friday (you don’t like Tim) but you go out for dinner and drinks because of social norms.

Every week there is nearly some special event that you must traverse to stay on track. Bloody difficult.

3) Long Hours/Stress/Poor Sleep Quality

The long hours in work certainly don’t help your weight loss goal either.

How are you expected to make better food choices when you are absolutely knackered and just want something to give you energy to get you through the day?

The last thing you want to do is go for a walk after work and cook a meal.


What can you do? Is there hope?

Don’t fret, the solutions are straightforward. However, it all comes down to you.

Your willingness to adopt changes in work will reflect your results. You spend about 80%-90% in the office so you NEED to address the environment and find solutions that work for you.

There will always be temptation, but a level of restraint is still needed.

Stay posted for the next installment for steps to help you out.

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