Practical Office Weight Loss, Part 2

In the previous installment (Part 1), I highlighted a few problems when trying to lose weight whilst working in an office environment.

I can’t reiterate the following enough. There are solutions (and typically obvious ones at that) to every weight loss problem. It all comes down to YOU. You must decide to follow better habits and act on them.

I’m going to break it down into an easy to follow list (who doesn’t love a good list?):

  1. Solution to the ‘Lack of Daily Movement’ Problem

Move more.

“Duh?”, I hear you say.

Here’s what to do.

  • Get up out of the chair every 10-15 min. Stand up, roll the hips, roll the shoulders, roll your neck. Sit down.

  • Every 20-30min get up from the chair and walk around the office for 3 minutes.

  • Need to use the toilet? Pick the furthest one from your desk.

  • Instead of taking the lift, use the stairs.

  • If you drive to work, then park as far as you can from the entrance.

  • Do you take the bus to work? Then get off one or two stops earlier. Going home? Then do the opposite.

  • If there are standing desks or an option to do so, then avail of it.

  • Maybe consider cycling into work if it’s a possibility.

  • When on break or lunch then eat and walk.

  • Have a meeting? Why not turn it into a meet and walk?

  1. Solution to the ‘Office Saboteurs’ Problem

While saboteurs exist, the frequency of them really comes down to you and how you react to them.

Here’s how to deal with those pesky saboteurs, (if you are offended by a little swearing then stop reading).

  • Tell Sally and her birthday cake to f**k off.

  • Tell David and his stash of treats to f**k off.

  • Tell Janice and her promotion celebration to f**k off.

  • Tell Tim and his leaving drinks…well…to f**k off. Remember, you don’t like Tim anyway.

Okay, maybe these are not the best tactics to use so here are more ‘friendlier’ options. You don’t want to be visiting human resources any time soon:

  • “I’m fine for cake Sally. I’m full from breakfast. I’ll have a cup of tea to celebrate instead. Thanks though”.

  • “Hey David. Listen, I’m trying to lose weight so can you not offer me any chocolate. I’m finding it quite challenging already. It would really help me out if you didn’t offer me any more treats. Thanks.” Another option is to have a lower calorie treat. Or if it’s possible, move your work station away from David, to a standing desk for example.

  • When you are out for drinks with Janice choose a lower calorie drink option with no mixer. Control the amount of drinks you consume; set a limit. Another option is to drive to work that day, so you can’t drink alcohol. If all else fails, just come up with an excuse like your favourite InstaCat Celebratory has just died and you are too overwhelmed with grief to make the party.

  • Tell Tim to …well…you know what to do. Remember, you don’t like Tim anyway.

The best solution is to remove the temptation in the first instance, but it can’t always be done.

Try to adopt some of the above strategies. You are not going to offend anybody if you don’t eat cake or have a non-alcoholic drink. You might offend them though, if you tell them where to go.

Choose your strategy wisely. It comes down to you. Stop trying to please everyone, all of the time. Most of the time you allow saboteurs to hinder your fat loss goals. Your biggest saboteur in your office or work environment is YOU. Take ownership, take responsibility.

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